Bodysex Michigan, where you can explore and celebrate your body, connect with like-minded women, and discover the full range of your sexuality.

My name is Lakota Fradette and my Bodysex mission is to create a safe and supportive space for women to explore and embrace their sexuality. I believe that every woman has the right to love and appreciate their own body, and I aim to help women celebrate their sexual organs, along with all of the functions of their sexual organs from orgasm, menstruation, and everything in between through education, community, and Bodysex practices.

Pleasure is our birthright. It’s not something that’s given to us, it’s something that we have to claim for ourselves. And we have to be willing to focus on pleasure, to prioritize pleasure, to make pleasure a part of our daily lives.”

Betty Dodson

What is Bodysex?

The reality in our world is that we are all facing trauma of some sort, whether the trauma comes from an individual or a society, none of us get the perfect start in life especially when it comes to sexuality. My own personal sexual journey started in trauma and child sexual abuse, I struggled for years to heal and accept my own body but never really made a lot of progress because I was so focused on my trauma.

It wasn’t until I found Betty Dodson and her amazing foundation Bodysex that I learned we’re all traumatized, and I couldn’t fully heal until I shifted my focus from trauma to pleasure. I had no idea the powerful benefits that sexual self pleasure could bring until I attended a Bodysex workshop. Because I have struggled and come through to the other side, I fully understand the gravity and importance of sexual self pleasure in the process of healing and it is my intention to help other women explore, take ownership of, and celebrate their sexuality through education, community and Bodysex traditions.

My goal is to provide a platform that promotes healthy, consensual, and empowering sexual experiences that can positively impact a woman’s physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Our sexuality exists at our core, strengthening and liberating our core spreads to strengthening and liberating our entire being, and life.