Bodysex Workshops

What happens in a circle?

Day 1

  • You will be greeted at the door by me in the nude and invited to remove your clothing before finding your seat in the circle. 
  • Once everyone is seated we will do some deep breathing to calm and regulate our nervous system.
  • We will all introduce ourselves and answer the following questions “How do I feel about my body?” and “How do I feel about my orgasm?”
  • Next we will start genital show and tell with me going first. Each person in the circle will explore their vulva in a well lit mirror with the support of the group surrounding them.
  • We will look over Betty’s drawings of vulva styles, anatomy, and the internal clitoris.
  • Then we will move to vulva massage where we will explore our anatomy with our hands, feeding our curiosity of what sensations we enjoy.
  • Day one ends with a final share. 
Bodysex Mirror

Day 2

  • You will again remove clothing and take your seat in the circle. 
  • Deep breathing begins the circle to calm and settle our nerves.
  • Standing up we will move and loosen up our hips and bodies with some swaying/dancing.
  • Next comes the demonstration of Betty Rock n Roll Technique followed by the group practicing the Pillow Fuck and The Goddess Style techniques.
  • Erotic recess will follow, giving time to explore and try out any technique that feels best. Most importantly in this part is that orgasm is not the goal but it may happen. Our main goal here is pleasure and exploration.
  • After we will experience The Laying of Hands. Each of us will lay down and receive compassionate, intentional, non-sexual touch.
  • The workshop ends on a final closing share in the circle.  

Ready to take a workshop?

Bodysex Workshop with Lakota

in-person near Lansing, MI

September 21-22, 2024

1:00 pm to 6:00 pm each day

 Tuition: $500
includes everything needed

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